Honey Coconut Bun

Honey Coconut Bun

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Honey coconut buns, the fluffy bread is smeared with fragrant honey and paired with the crisp coconut bottom, it tastes great! The shape is also very cute.


Honey Coconut Bun

1. Prepare the materials

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

2. Knead all the ingredients of the dough (except butter) until evenly

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

3. Knead until the film barely comes out, add butter.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

4. Just knead it until you can pull out the film.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

5. Put the dough in a basin, wrap it in plastic wrap, and leave it at room temperature for about 40 minutes. The yeast dough only presses a hole in the middle and does not shrink or collapse.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

6. Exhaust the air from the dough. Divide the dough into small doughs weighing about 70 grams each. Knead the dough, cover it with plastic wrap, and relax for 5 to 10 minutes.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

7. Take out the small dough and roll it into an oval sheet.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

8. Roll up the dough.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

9. Cut the rolled dough in half to get two doughs.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

10. Mix the bottom dip evenly. Touch the bottom of the cut dough with a little water and dip it into the mixed dip.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

11. Spread salad oil on the container, and put the bread dough filled with the base material into the container. After the second fermentation, put it in the middle layer of the preheated 180 degree oven and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe

12. After roasting, spread a layer of honey water on the surface and sprinkle with coconut paste and you can eat it. It's best when it's hot.

Honey Coconut Bun recipe


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