Honey Mango Juice

Honey Mango Juice

by One-Man Show 71

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Mango fruit has extremely high nutritional value, with a vitamin A content of 3.8%. The content of vitamin C also exceeds that of oranges and strawberries. Mango contains sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which are all necessary for the human body. "


Honey Mango Juice

1. 6 small mangoes (from our own tree)

Honey Mango Juice recipe

2. Peel off the mango skin one by one

Honey Mango Juice recipe

3. Put the mango flesh into the food processor, add an appropriate amount of mineral water, the honey starts the stirring function, and beat until the mango flesh is delicate and pureed.

Honey Mango Juice recipe

4. 6 mangoes are concentrated into 1 cup of juice, do you think it tastes good?

Honey Mango Juice recipe


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