Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices

Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices

by Huaer's gourmet kitchen

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The recipes for lotus root are mostly stewed soup and vegetable stir-fry. A while ago, Hua'er and her friends were traveling. The friends were from Chongqing and their cooking skills were superb. This Chongqing girl cooks with peppers, a simple cold lotus root, which is also crispy and spicy, especially for dinner.
Many times, learning cooking skills with friends has benefited a lot. The cuisines of various places, no matter how simple and complicated, are fresh and creative for people in another city.
So today, share this cold dish with local characteristics-pickled pepper garlic vinegar lotus root slices with friends.


Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices

1. Peel the lotus root and rinse it well. Rinse the lotus root hole more.

Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices recipe

2. Cut the lotus root into thin slices, put it in clean water, and soak to remove the starch.

Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices recipe

3. Sit in hot boiling water, put in the lotus root slices, remove when the water boils again, and then put it in cold water to stir, the taste can remain crisp.

Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices recipe

4. 3 tablespoons of chopped chili, add half a teaspoon of sugar, appropriate amount of salt, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, two cloves of garlic, minced garlic, mix well and add appropriate amount of boiled water, so that a bowl of sauce is ready.

Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices recipe

5. Just pour the sauce on the lotus root slices.

Hot and Sour Lotus Root Slices recipe


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