Hot Pot Noodles

Hot Pot Noodles

by Tianshan Cocoa

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What Cocoa cooked today is "Hot Pot Noodles", which is made with hot pot base ingredients, added with various meatballs and vegetables, and cooked it is full of the house hot pot taste, especially refreshing and delicious, especially this time it is authentic The Sichuan-flavored hot pot base, which belongs to the old oil hot pot base, is really delicious. While eating noodles, you can also buy all kinds of hot pot ingredients. Eating hot pot and noodles is the best of both worlds. Friends, now it is getting closer and closer to winter. The hot pot season is here, so eat more.

Hot Pot Noodles

1. Main ingredients: 200 grams of fresh hand-rolled noodles, 50 grams of spinach. Auxiliary ingredients: appropriate amount of salt, 30 grams of hot pot base (additional according to personal taste), 1 shallot, appropriate amount of meatballs, 1 mushroom, 20 grams of ginger, 2 garlic Bye

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

2. Wash the lettuce, slice the ginger, wash and cut the green onions, wash and slice the shiitake mushrooms, peel the garlic

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

3. Add water, salt and green onions, ginger slices, garlic to the Zhenmi electric hot pot, turn on the electricity, and start the "hot pot" program. The program has multiple functions such as high fire, slow fire, low fire, and high fire. You can choose the desired heat. The rice lifting electric hot pot heats up very quickly, which saves time

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

4. Add the hot pot base, add the lid, turn the heat to a high heat and bring it to a boil until the soup boils

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

5. Put the noodles into the steaming net

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

6. Add it to the hot pot

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

7. Add the lid and continue to start the fire in the "hot pot" program

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

8. Soon after the noodles are boiling, add meatballs, mushrooms, squid rolls, etc.

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

9. Anything you like can be added, just like eating hot pot, after the ingredients are cooked

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

10. Sprinkle the lettuce and continue to cook until soft

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

11. Then adjust the firepower to "slow fire"; press the "up" button to raise the steaming net

Hot Pot Noodles recipe

12. This [hot pot noodle] is ready; from then on, you don’t need to fish for noodles. This benefit can also help the food cool down. You can eat hot pot without being afraid of being hot. You can eat noodles and hot pot noodles at the same time. It’s so enjoyable, the electric hot pot heats up. Fast and very easy to clean

Hot Pot Noodles recipe


1. There are different heat in the hot pot, you can choose different heat to cook
2. It is best to use fresh and thicker noodles, so that they cook and taste better, and they are more vigorous


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