How to Make Korean Miso Soup

How to Make Korean Miso Soup

by Savory kitchen

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How to Make Korean Miso Soup

1. Ingredients: onions, potatoes, tofu, chili noodles, peppers, sea scorpion fish, rice water, miso. Serpentine fish is rich in nutrients, and its fat content is as high as 26% to 30%, which is nearly ten times that of ordinary fish. Sea snacks are salty, warm in nature, clearing heat, anti-diarrheal and other effects. Washing rice water is the most important when making miso soup. If you want a rich taste, you must use rice water~~~ Use rice water for the second time. It’s okay to put in about half of the water and then put a few pieces of sea serpent (if you don’t have it, you can use it, the taste is mainly to improve the umami)

How to Make Korean Miso Soup recipe

2. Tofu, onions, and potatoes are sliced as you like.

How to Make Korean Miso Soup recipe

3. After the rice water is boiled, pick out the sea scorpion and put it in a large spoonful of miso. At this time, put the potatoes in (because the potatoes are not easy to cook, they must be put first)

How to Make Korean Miso Soup recipe

4. Bring the soybean paste to a boil, turn to low heat and simmer for about 5 minutes, then add the chili and chili noodles

How to Make Korean Miso Soup recipe

5. You're done with the delicious and simple miso soup. (You can also put some horned melons, enoki mushrooms, etc. as you like)

How to Make Korean Miso Soup recipe


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