Spanish Sea and Land Rice

Spanish Sea and Land Rice

by Shan Wo

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The first time I ate the Spanish national dish was in the UK, and the English name is paella. The most common are seafood risotto and land and sea risotto. Paella has higher requirements for rice, and it is best to use short round rice produced in Spain or Italy. The orthodox practice is not to wash or soak in water first, in order to make the texture of the grains that are relatively fresh. Of course, if you eat it yourself, Northeast rice is also okay~ To cook paella, you need a shallow pan, you must use a pan! The oil is olive oil, just add a small amount of salt in pursuit of the taste of seafood. The last is the essence of paella-saffron! With just a handful, the color of the whole paella will become warmer!
What I made today was land and sea rice with chicken and chicken stock.


Spanish Sea and Land Rice

1. Cut the chicken, cod, salmon, and squid into circles for later use. Peel a part of the shrimp and boil the stock, then dice the shrimp

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

2. Cut various vegetables into fine dices. Chopped or mashed tomatoes, add a small amount of salt and olive oil to mix

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

3. Boil the stock, add shrimp head and chicken. Put the cod in the end and be careful not to boil it

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

4. Add olive oil, stir-fry the shrimp and squid half-cooked and serve.

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

5. First add the minced garlic to the olive oil and stir fragrant. Add appropriate amount of salt and black pepper, stir fry all kinds of vegetables until they change color

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

6. Add chicken, shrimp and tomato puree and continue to stir fry for a while

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

7. Add rice in a cross shape, add dry white in the gap, mix the rice well until the alcohol evaporates

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

8. Add hot but not boiling stock, appropriate amount of saffron and turmeric powder. Be careful not to stir the rice afterwards! Cook on high heat for 10 minutes. In order to make rice crust, do not cover the whole process

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe

9. Change to low heat and add cod, squid and whole shrimp. You can add some broth in an appropriate amount. After about 8 minutes, stop the fire, use white cotton cloth instead of the lid and simmer for 5 minutes. This time is authentic, with a little bit of raw taste of rice, if you don’t like it, you can add more broth or cook it for a while. Finally add a few slices of lemon

Spanish Sea and Land Rice recipe


The paella needs to have rice crust, so there is no need to cover the whole process.
All seafood and vegetables can be matched at will, as long as you are happy ^_^
Stirring will cause the starch in the rice grains to precipitate, which will affect the taste, so do not stir the rice after adding the broth.
I added a lot of rice, so I didn't paint it too much, but the saffron taste can still be tasted.
Just squeeze the juice according to your own taste when eating the lemon~


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