Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles

by Lili is back

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Do any friends have the same feeling as me that eating one pack of instant noodles is not enough, and eating two packs is too much? So I was so lazy today that I didn’t want to cook. I went out to buy a package of hot and sour vermicelli and got it soaked. Then I added a few vegetable leaves, a boiled egg, and I felt so satisfied after eating!


Instant Noodles

1. Wash the vegetable leaves, take out the bagged vermicelli, and blanch them with boiling water for two minutes, the vermicelli and the vegetable leaves will become soft

Instant Noodles recipe

2. Pour out the condiments in the packing bag, you can add some green onions or clear oil. It's all personal preference.

Instant Noodles recipe

3. Put the soaked vegetable leaves and vermicelli in a bowl, add boiling water and seasonings to soak in the flavor, then put the boiled eggs in, and you can eat them in a minute. Make sure you eat satisfying and delicious!

Instant Noodles recipe


Just make it as you like, it's very convenient and delicious!


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