Iron Squid

Iron Squid

by Eyebrow delicacy

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You can see the special snack teppanyaki squid in Dalian in major tourist attractions and streets. Every time you smell the fragrance, listen to the "sizzling" sound, and the hawker's shouting, your saliva will flow down. Come on a string to enjoy it. Today, I tried to make sizzling squid at home. It happened that the pan at home was made of cast iron and was thick. The effect was not inferior to the outside effect. There were no long bamboo skewers at home. If you wear it with bamboo skewers, It's more convenient. "


Iron Squid

1. Remove the internal organs of the squid, tear off the black skin, and clean it.

Iron Squid recipe

2. Cut the squid a few times with a knife to avoid being too curled up when frying.

Iron Squid recipe

3. Heat the cast iron pan, add a little vegetable oil, and fry the squid in the pan. When frying, press it with a spatula.

Iron Squid recipe

4. Spread the chili sauce on both sides and continue frying for a while.

Iron Squid recipe

5. Sprinkle with cumin powder and chili powder on both sides when they are cooked.

Iron Squid recipe

6. . .

Iron Squid recipe

7. . .

Iron Squid recipe


1. It is best to make this cast iron pan with a thick bottom. Of course, it should be possible if there is no ordinary pan.
2. When frying, be sure to press it with a shovel, otherwise it will curl up and look unsightly.
3. The chili sauce is already relatively salty, so there is no need to add salt.


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