Japanese Curry Udon

Japanese Curry Udon

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What kind of sparks will there be when curry collides with udon noodles? Curry udon noodles that novices can get completely. Although it’s vegetarian, it tastes delicious


Japanese Curry Udon

1. Wash all vegetables, remove the stems and slice the shiitake mushrooms, slice carrots, slice dry fragrant, and cut tomatoes into cubes for later use

Japanese Curry Udon recipe

2. 2. Add oil to the pot and fry the tomatoes, add two bowls of water to the pot and boil, add carrots, shiitake mushrooms, dried fragrant, and udon noodles and cook together for about five minutes

Japanese Curry Udon recipe

3. 3. Add the easy-to-cook rapeseed, season with salt and sugar and cook for a while.

Japanese Curry Udon recipe

4. 4. Put one or two curry cubes in the pot and boil it before finally out of the pot.

Japanese Curry Udon recipe

5. You're done

Japanese Curry Udon recipe


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