Small Rape recipes

Fried Vegetables

Small Rape, Shiitake Mushrooms, Carrot

Braised Shrimp Balls with Seasonal Vegetables

Shrimp, Small Rape, Green Pepper

Low-fat Multi-grain and Seasonal Vegetable Pie

Two Rice, Cereal Solid Beverage, Carrot

Bai Yuji Ginseng Soup

Iceland Red Ginseng, Small Rape, White Jade Mushroom

Claypot Rice (rice Cooker Version)

Cantonese Sausage, Rice, June Fresh Soy Sauce

Sixi Meatballs

Pork Belly, Lotus Root, Carrot

Salmon and Quinoa Braised Rice

Quinoa, Germ Rice, Salmon

Tomato Sour Noodle Soup

Vermicelli, Tomato, Small Rape

Fishballs in Clear Soup

Grass Carp, Small Rape, Salt

Poria Stick Bone Soup

Pig Bone, Small Rape, White Tuckahoe