Jinsha Tangwan

Jinsha Tangwan

by Q pig baby

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Roll the steamed soup balls in the biscuits, golden and golden, like Jinsha chocolate. Taste it while it is hot, the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and delicious. The husband gave me Jinsha, and I gave me sweet soup balls in return.


Jinsha Tangwan

1. Cut out the pattern with tin foil.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

2. Prepare 3 packets of biscuits and crush them with a stick.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

3. Pour out the biscuits and set aside.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

4. Grease the plate and put the soup balls on it.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

5. Boil water and put in the Lantern Festival.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

6. Cover the lid and steam for about 5 minutes.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

7. Take out the soup balls.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

8. Put it on the biscuits and roll.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

9. Put the tin foil into the mold.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe

10. Fill in the soup balls with broken cakes and finish.

Jinsha Tangwan recipe


1. Pay attention to the time when steaming the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival will burst if it takes too long.
2. It is recommended to replace the crushed biscuits with crushed peanuts or crushed sugar, sweet and more delicious!


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