Kapok Yam Soup

Kapok Yam Soup

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Kapok is the city flower of Guangzhou. The kapok blooming in spring is very beautiful. The fallen kapok is dried in the sun and used to make soup, which can detoxify and clear away heat and dampness.
Barley is known as "the king of gramineous plants in the world", which is easy to digest and absorb. It can also reduce blood pressure, diuresis, relieve fever and remove dampness.
In the southern part of the spring, the weather is very humid, and there is a "returning" day. Use kapok, barley, yam, and spare ribs to make a simple spring dampness-kapok yam soup. "


Kapok Yam Soup

1. Prepare all the ingredients: 500 grams of pork bones, 500 grams of 1 yam, 60 grams of barley, 10 grams of dried kapok, and 1 piece of ginger;

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

2. Boil clean water, put in clean pork bones, add a little salt and cooking wine to blanch water;

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

3. Kapok and Job's tears were washed and soaked, yam peeled, cut into pieces, and ginger shredded;

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

4. So the ingredients are put into the pot;

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot;

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

6. Cover the lid and cook for about 10 minutes;

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

7. Lower the pressure valve to the original position, open the lid, add salt and mix well, and remove dampness in spring-kapok yam soup

Kapok Yam Soup recipe

8. A bowl of beauty and dampness soup ---- Kapok and yam soup

Kapok Yam Soup recipe


1. Kapok is very clean, soaked and soft;
2. The yam can be put into clean water after peeling and dicing to prevent oxidation and yellowing;
3. Barley should be soaked and easy to boil;
4. When the bones are blanched, salt and cooking wine can be used to remove the fishy, and the soup will be very sweet.


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