Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice

by mature11

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Braised rice is the most suitable lazy meal for office workers. It's easy and quick. Put the ingredients in the pot. What should you do? Just wait for the rice to be cooked!
If you have a good pot that allows you to eat chewy wood-fired rice, in a short period of time, eliminating the sultry heat, cooking smell, and oily smoke in the kitchen, it will be even more enjoyable!
After a day of tiredness, I don’t even bother to move when I go home from get off work. It would be better to see what is available in the refrigerator and a reasonable nutritional mix. A bowl of rice, which contains carbohydrates, vitamins, plant protein, animal protein, and the taste you like, so happy! Lazy people don’t know how to eat, and the labor-saving quality is not diminished. Such a good thing is completely possible with the Jiuyang Tekeke T5. Its cast iron inner tank and electromagnetic heating can make rice that is more chewy than ordinary rice cookers, which can definitely satisfy the discerning taste buds!
This braised rice adds Korean kimchi, fried eggs, and Sichuan spicy sausage, all of which I like. It tastes a bit like Korean bibimbap!


Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice

1. Prepare the required ingredients and slice the sausage

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

2. Wash the rice and put it in the Jiuyang iron kettle, and add the amount of water used to make rice (about 1.2 times that of rice)

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

3. Choose Standard Rice-Cheeks-Long Grain Rice (Long Grain Fragrant Rice I use) to start the braised rice program, the braised rice is more fragrant in grains

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

4. During the braising process, take care of the ingredients. Heat the frying pan, add a little oil, low heat, fry the egg, and pierce the egg yolk. It’s okay if the eggs are too ugly to fry. Finally, you have to break them up. Fry them until they are 80 or 90 minutes cooked.

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

5. Add a little oil to the pot, stir-fry the green beans on low heat for 1 minute, set aside

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

6. Stir-fry the sausages for half a minute

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

7. When there are 5 minutes left in the braising process, open the lid, add corn kernels, green beans, spicy cabbage, and Chinese sausage, close the lid to continue the braising process, and simmer for two minutes after the end

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe

8. Finally add the fried egg, beat it, sprinkle with chopped green onion, and the fragrant kimchi stew is done! There is wood and saliva?

Kimchi and Sausage Braised Rice recipe


1. The rice cooker used is the third generation of Joyoung Iron Kettle, Joyoung IH electromagnetic rice cooker F-40T5, which is different from ordinary rice cookers. The inner pot is made of cast iron and uses electromagnetic heating. The wood-fired rice made in a wok is fragrant, and the rice is chewy.
2. If you buy spicy cabbage with more soup, put a little less water when braising rice.
3. Spicy cabbage and Chinese sausage have salty taste, so there is no need to add salt
4. Although it is just a simple braised rice, the nutrition is very comprehensive. As long as the ingredients are well matched, simplicity is not necessarily bad. You can add your favorite ingredients as you like.


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