Korean Bibimbap

Korean Bibimbap

by V1KK1

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Super simple and delicious Korean bibimbap. I used to mix it with a bad taste. The Korean chili sauce is relatively pure. It is blended with Sprite and sesame oil. It is really super delicious, much better than the restaurant. ~"


Korean Bibimbap

1. Prepare your favorite side dishes, stir-fry or boil them, depending on your preference

Korean Bibimbap recipe

2. Use Sprite to remove the chili sauce (don't put too much, it will become thinner), then add sesame oil and stir to reduce the spiciness and increase the fragrance. (After many tests, this brand of chili sauce is the most suitable)

Korean Bibimbap recipe

3. Spread the side dishes and beef on the rice, and put a fried egg on top

Korean Bibimbap recipe

4. Add the prepared chili sauce, the consistency is about this, not too thin or too thick.

Korean Bibimbap recipe

5. Stir evenly and you can start eating, it's not too fragrant.

Korean Bibimbap recipe


The boiled taste is okay, but there is too much water, so there is no stir-fried side dish. The stir-fried taste is a combination of bibimbap. If it is troublesome, you can boil the side dish. What kind of dishes do you like to eat~


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