Korean Rice Cake

Korean Rice Cake

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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Every year during the festival, there are many places where there is a habit of making rice cakes. Because the delicious and slow rice cakes have become a common thing nowadays, then how to make a delicious hot and sour rice cake is the soul of the stick "Kimchi" "


Korean Rice Cake

1. We have prepared the ingredients, you can choose what you like. Such as strips, blocks...
The main ingredient, soul kimchi, of course can’t live without

Korean Rice Cake recipe

2. Slice the pork belly and fry until golden on both sides

Korean Rice Cake recipe

3. Pour in the onion and stir fry a few times

Korean Rice Cake recipe

4. Pour in Korean kimchi, this kimchi is personally homemade. Stir fry for a few times to get the taste

Korean Rice Cake recipe

5. Pour a bowl of water and put in the rice cakes. Add seasoning [adjust to personal taste] and cook until almost the juice is collected

Korean Rice Cake recipe

6. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and shallots

Korean Rice Cake recipe


The kimchi itself has a salty taste, so pay attention to the seasoning


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