Kuaishou Mala Tang

Kuaishou Mala Tang

by Ju Na JUJU

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It's hot, spicy, and delicious. Come to a bowl in winter, and you will feel warm when you eat it~


Kuaishou Mala Tang

1. Rinse all the vegetables first

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe

2. Cut into small pieces for later use

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe

3. Break the yuba into small pieces, soak in water

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe

4. Defrost fish balls and beef balls with a cross knife for easy taste

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe

5. Bring water to a boil in a pot, add butter hot pot base to boil

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe

6. Then add fish balls and beef balls and cook until they float

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe

7. Finally add the vegetables and cook it

Kuaishou Mala Tang recipe


The hot pot base has enough salty and spicy flavor, so no other seasonings are needed.
Vegetables and meat can be added at will according to personal taste.


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