Dried Yuba recipes

Braised Sai Lu Jin with Scallions

Dried Yuba, Scallions, Soy Sauce

Braised Yuba with Fungus

Dried Yuba, Black Fungus, Wolfberry

Vegetarian Noodles

Egg, Black Fungus (water Hair), Shiitake Mushrooms

Hot Pot Rice Noodles

Rice Flour, Lettuce, Hot Pot Bottom Material

Kuaishou Mala Tang

Butter Hot Pot Base, Beef Ball, Fish Ball

Cold Yuba

Dried Yuba, Dried Black Fungus, Carrot

Abundant Yuba Roll

Dried Yuba, Dried Eggs, Carrot

Refreshing Cold Dishes

Cucumber, Carrot, White Fungus

Yuba Mixed with Cucumber

Cucumber, Dried Yuba, Parsley

Roasted Yuba that is More Delicious Than Meat

Dried Yuba, Dried Fungus, Carrot

Hongguo's Recipe: Lemon Spicy Chicken Hot Pot

Chicken, Daoweiyuan Spicy Fish Seasoning, Dried Tea Mushrooms

Lamb Hot Pot

Lamb, Dried Yuba, Various Meatballs

Braised Beancurd with Mushrooms

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Dried Yuba, Oil

Soy Milk Chicken Soup Hot Pot

Chickens, Wet Soybeans, Ginger