Beef Ball recipes

Tomato Bisque Hot Pot

Tomato, Knorr Soup Po, Beef Ball

Clear Soup Hot Pot

Dried Fungus, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Cordyceps Flower

#中卓牛骨汤面#beef Ball Noodles

Zhongzhuo Beef Bone Noodle Soup, Parsley, Carrot

Cheese Meatballs Baked Rice

Cooked Rice, Tomato, Onion

Sweet and Sour Mala Tang

Hot And Sour Soup Base, Udon Noodle, Beef Ball

Winter Bone Soup Hot Pot

Bobbin, Fish Ball, Beef Ball

Thick Soup Hot Pot

Knorr Soup Po, Crispy Sausage, Carrot

Meatball Mushroom Soup

Beef Ball, Seafood Mushroom, Fish Ball

Black Pepper Beef Ball Soup

Egg, Chinese Cabbage, Beef Ball

Curry Beef Balls

Beef Ball, Salt, Caster Sugar

Curry Beef Balls

Beef Ball, Curry, Onion