Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic

Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic

by Little Gourmet Master

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Soaking Laba garlic is a festival custom of Beijing Laba Festival. The garlic made on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is called Laba garlic. Laba garlic is emerald green, has a hot and sour flavor and a unique flavor. Laba garlic is eaten with dumplings, which is even more beautiful.
The materials and methods of Laba Garlic are very simple: put the peeled garlic cloves into a bottle, pour vinegar, seal the mouth and put it in a cold place. Slowly, the garlic soaked in vinegar will turn green, and finally it will become green all over, like emerald jasper. Laba garlic is done.
In the past, laba garlic used purple garlic and rice vinegar, and put it in a small altar to seal it tightly. When it was unsealed on New Year’s Eve, the garlic cloves were emerald green and fragrant with hot and sour vinegar. The cold dishes are even more unique.


Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic

1. Prepare a clean glass bottle without oil and water. The old Beijing laba garlic is soaked in rice vinegar. Because the rice vinegar is light in color, the color of garlic after soaking is the same as before, orange-yellow and emerald green, the taste is moderately hot and sour, and the aroma is strong and slightly sweet. The old vinegar smoked vinegar has been soaked in the garlic, and the color is black, the garlic cloves are not green enough, and the taste is poor, especially the smoked vinegar, which has a slightly pastey taste, so use rice vinegar to soak

Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic recipe

2. Peel the garlic, wash, and dry

Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic recipe

3. Wash the glass bottle with a little bit of rice vinegar to make the bottle cleaner. Load garlic

Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic recipe

4. Pour the rice vinegar until it's just not too big, cover it, and place it at 10°-15°C where it can be exposed to the sun.

Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic recipe

5. The garlic will be emerald green after 10 days of soaking, and move it to a cool place for storage. Take it and use it as you go.

Laba Festival Soaked Laba Garlic recipe


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