Laba Garlic

Laba Garlic

by Son and mother

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Laba garlic was pickled that day. Today, it turns green. You can eat dumplings during the Chinese New Year.
Laba garlic is garlic pickled in vinegar. The finished product is emerald green in color and has a slightly sour taste. Because it is pickled on the eighth day of the December eighth day of the lunar calendar (the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the Laba Festival), it is called Laba Garlic. But generally as long as it is green garlic pickled in vinegar, it is called "laba garlic".


Laba Garlic

1. The purple garlic is ready, peel it, and wipe the garlic cloves with kitchen paper

Laba Garlic recipe

2. Put it in a glass bottle, mix the rice vinegar with sugar, then pour it into the glass bottle, and keep the garlic cloves covered, seal the lid, and then store in a cool place

Laba Garlic recipe

3. Look at some of it turns green in about 5 days

Laba Garlic recipe

4. At 9 days, it was almost all green. During the two days during the day, the bottle was taken out and placed at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, and returned to the refrigerator at night. The temperature difference also accelerated the green process of garlic.

Laba Garlic recipe

5. Not bad, a good supplement for eating dumplings

Laba Garlic recipe


It is generally better to marinate Laba garlic with rice vinegar. I use white rice vinegar.


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