Laba Garlic

Laba Garlic

by Moon Jingjing

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Laba garlic, I only learned about this way of eating garlic in the past two years, because I grew up in the south and I have never seen laba garlic since I was a child, let alone eaten laba garlic. After making my own food, I have come into contact with a lot of foods that I have never eaten before. For a person who loves food, I will want to try any taste. This Laba garlic is no exception, so I have also been in the past two years. At the beginning, I prepared some purple-skinned garlic every time I arrived in Laba, and waited for it to be eaten during the Chinese New Year. Laba garlic is generally brewed on the day of Laba Festival, because it is cold during this season, it is especially suitable for brewing Laba garlic. This Saturday is the Laba Festival, everyone hurry up to buy some purple garlic soak it, soak it when eating dumplings on New Year's Eve, take it out and eat it with dumplings, it's very refreshing!


Laba Garlic

1. Purple garlic peeled off the skin

2. Break the garlic into small cloves

3. Wash your hands, and then peel off the skin of each garlic clove (do not wash)

Laba Garlic recipe

4. Put the peeled garlic cloves into a sealable container, add a small spoonful of sugar (additional or not, it tastes better if you add it)

5. Pour the rice vinegar

6. The amount of rice vinegar is about the same as garlic cloves

Laba Garlic recipe

7. Close the sealing cap. Put it in the refrigerator or a cold place at home

8. This is what it looks like after 7 days of soaking. About half of the garlic starts to turn green

9. This is garlic that has been soaked for 11 days. Only a small part has not turned green. At this time, the garlic is edible, but it is not the best. After soaking for more than two weeks, all garlic will turn green and taste better

Laba Garlic recipe
Laba Garlic recipe


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