Laba Garlic

Laba Garlic

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Homemade Laba Garlic at home is simple and delicious.


Laba Garlic

1. Prepare the ingredients you need in advance.

Laba Garlic recipe

2. Add a little white wine to the weighed rice vinegar.

Laba Garlic recipe

3. Add some sugar.

Laba Garlic recipe

4. Stir well with a clean, water-free spoon.

Laba Garlic recipe

5. Peel the garlic cloves, try not to leave scars when peeling the garlic cloves, pick out the bad garlic cloves and save them for cooking.

Laba Garlic recipe

6. Find a clean, water- and oil-free glass bottle, put the peeled garlic cloves into the bottle, tighten the lid, and place it in a warm place in the house. You can put it in the refrigerator at night, and then take it out the next day to bask in the sun. The temperature difference will accelerate the garlic cloves' green.

Laba Garlic recipe

7. Wait for the garlic cloves to turn green before they can be opened and eaten.

Laba Garlic recipe

8. Crisp and refreshing, it won’t taste too spicy. Just start making dumplings. The emerald green garlic cloves are also very flattering~

Laba Garlic recipe


1. The impression of the amount of ingredients is probably these, which is a bit vague. 2. The bottle must be clean and free of water and oil.
3. Do not open the cover in the middle.
4. Storing in the refrigerator, use clean and dry chopsticks to hold garlic cloves when eating.


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