Tomato Hot Pot Base

Tomato Hot Pot Base

by lisa is so numb

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Our Southern California has always been very dry, especially now this season, wrinkles are a lot more


Tomato Hot Pot Base

1. I used half a box of tomatoes. Wash and cut into pieces for later use.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

2. Stir fragrant scallion, ginger and garlic under cold and hot oil.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

3. Add the cut tomatoes and stir fry for a while.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

4. Put salt.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

5. add sugar. The only bit of sugar in the sugar bowl is put in. Those who are afraid of acid can add more.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

6. Put the ketchup.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

7. Boil on low heat until it becomes a paste.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

8. Add chicken broth, you can also use water instead. Bring to a high heat, cover with a small heat and continue to simmer slowly for about half an hour. Turn off the heat. The tomato soup is boiled and it is very simple.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe

9. At this time, you can add your favorite ingredients to eat hot pot. I cook the ingredients thoroughly and serve them to the table. I don't like the shabu-boiled way of eating. Friends who have children and elderly people who don't like spicy pot bottoms can try this sweet and sour tomato pot bottom, which is full of a big pot. The eight-year-old daughter eats almost half of it. She loves potatoes and mushrooms. My favorite is sweet potato slices and meat haha.

Tomato Hot Pot Base recipe


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