Lamb and Radish Casserole

Lamb and Radish Casserole

by Autumn Food Studio

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Today is Xiao Nian, and I remember that my family’s diet after the Xiao Nian will not be short of soup every day. Either buy an old hen and stew it alone or add ginseng, goose, black fungus and so on. The golden hot soup is delicious and nourishing and warms the stomach. Even with a little salt, you can drink a big bowl. Or buy half a fan of lamb chops, chop them into small pieces, add radishes and yam, and stew them together. The creamy white lamb soup comes with some green onion and coriander, with freshly baked sesame sauce cakes. This kind of breakfast will not be tired. It's just that I don't live with my parents now, and I rarely go home to drink a bowl of hot soup. I always feel that I lack the sense of ritual of this solar term. So I went back from get off work to buy some slices of lamb and bring a big white radish. Even if I simply made a casserole of lamb, I would feel happy.


Lamb and Radish Casserole

1. These are all ingredients, prepare in advance

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

2. Preparation: Thaw the lamb in advance, peel the radish and cut into shreds, not too thin, and chop the chives

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

3. Cooking: Put half a pot of water in a small casserole, add shredded radish after boiling, turn to medium heat and cook for about 1 minute

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

4. Seasoning: add pepper, mix thoroughly, continue to cook on medium heat until translucent

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

5. Cook meat: Spread mutton slices on shredded radish, turn to high heat and cook for 30 minutes, then stir with chopsticks

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

6. Float: Turn to medium heat, and use a spoon to slowly skim off the froth to make the soup look cleaner

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

7. Titian: After turning off the heat, add salt, sesame oil and chopped green onion, and you can start eating

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe

8. This bowl of lamb and radish soup in winter can relieve the cold, nourishing and nutritious, great

Lamb and Radish Casserole recipe


1. The mutton must be defrosted in advance, do not put it in with ice, it will affect the taste and make it unsightly.
2. Don't cut the radish too thin, it will "melt" after a long cooking time, and slices are also okay.
3. My personal taste is relatively light, so adding salt and pepper is enough. If the taste is strong, you can add salt and pepper. It is best not to add MSG. The lamb itself is fresh enough.


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