Lamb Belly Claypot

Lamb Belly Claypot

by crystal88

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Today, I presented a delicious frankincense bean curd lamb belly pot. The lamb belly with belt bones is smooth and tender, fat but not greasy. The bean curd and carrots inhale the thick soup, which is very delicious. In cold weather, the whole family People sit around and eat a pot, which is nourishing and delicious. "


Lamb Belly Claypot

1. Wash the lamb belly, boil a pot of water with ginger cubes, boil the lamb belly for 15 minutes, and pick up.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

2. Shave the remaining hair of the lamb skin and chop it into pieces, preferably with the skin and bone, and also shave the boiled lamb belly, cut into strips, and slice ginger for later use.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

3. Cut the horseshoe in half, and cut the carrot into large pieces of yuba and break off for later use.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

4. Pour the southern milk into puree, add cooking wine, rock sugar, soy sauce, salt chicken powder and pepper powder to make a sauce.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

5. To fry the yuba, put the oil in the pan first, then put the yuba on the fire without heating the oil, fry the yuba slowly on a low fire, remove and let cool.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

6. Stir-fry the ginger slices and star anise with oil in a hot pan, then add the lamb belly to dry the water.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

7. Fry the lamb belly for a while until the skin is slightly golden brown.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

8. Add the horseshoe carrots, pour in the adjusted sauce, and stir-fry for a while.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

9. Add water to wipe the lamb belly, boil for a few times.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

10. To prepare a stew pot casserole is best to pour the boiled lamb belly into the stew pot.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

11. Simmer on low heat for half an hour first.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

12. Then add the fried yuba.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

13. Cover the lid and simmer for another hour.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe

14. Enough for the clock. The thick southern milk flavor is very fragrant. You can also prepare some hot pot ingredients without turning off the fire. The whole family will start eating.

Lamb Belly Claypot recipe


Tips: 1. The yuba must be deep-fried at low heat, like I almost burnt

2 The octagonal can be left or not

3 Be sure to change the pot without changing the moisture. If it is easy to dry, it will be out of juice.


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