Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup

Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup

by Sohaha

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In winter, it’s cold, let’s cook the fish soup in a pot of lamb belly, it’s warm


Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup

1. Lamb belly, clean it (washing lamb belly is more troublesome, first remove the fat inside, then turn it out and rub the black part outside with unboiled water) Grass carp is meat, only fish head and bones

Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup recipe

2. Fry the fish steak until golden on both sides, set aside

Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup recipe

3. Cut the ginger slices and wash the pepper and angelica to prepare the pot

Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup recipe

4. Put the fried fish and lamb tripe accessories in the pot and cook for 2 hours

Lamb + Fish = Fresh Soup recipe


Remember to cook with salt before seasoning. If you like a bit more spicy, you can smash the pepper to make it more gamey!


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