Lamb Meatball Hot Pot

Lamb Meatball Hot Pot

by Sister Du's Kitchen

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The main ingredients for hot pot today are frozen mutton rolls, 30 yuan a box, not only the price is expensive, but the quality is not good, and it is not fresh. It is recommended that you buy fresh mutton rolls in the future. Frozen mutton rolls do not taste good. You can also buy some lamb and slice it yourself, which is more affordable. Hot pot meatballs are 15 yuan per catty. If you have the conditions, it is better to make fish balls or meatballs yourself. In addition, I bought some kelp, udon noodles, green vegetables, and green bean sprouts. Although there are not many ingredients, the taste is very delicious. Let's take a look at the process of making this delicious pot!


Lamb Meatball Hot Pot

1. The ingredients are cleaned.

Lamb Meatball Hot Pot recipe

2. Prepare the hot pot bottom material and make the seasoning. Put the fried melon seeds and peanut kernels in a bowl, add chili oil, vinegar, and light soy sauce and mix well to make a spicy seasoning.

Lamb Meatball Hot Pot recipe

3. To start making hot pot, pour a proper amount of boiling water into the electric hot pot and wait for the water to boil and add the hot pot base. Since I don't like spicy food, the base is three fresh flavors.

Lamb Meatball Hot Pot recipe

4. Bring the soup to a boil and cook for another 5 minutes. Put the lamb rolls and hot pot balls in the pot, cover the pot and cook for 5 minutes.

Lamb Meatball Hot Pot recipe

5. Then put the remaining ingredients into the pot and continue to cook, and it will be cooked in a few minutes.

Lamb Meatball Hot Pot recipe


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