Lamb Tripe

Lamb Tripe

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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In spring, people are prone to sleepiness, fatigue, and can't lift the energy when doing things. Eating lamb can relieve fatigue, invigorate the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, and also help night sweats and frequent urination. This way, the immune system will be improved, the body will be better, and naturally less sick Up.


Lamb Tripe

1. Lamb tripe shredded

Lamb Tripe recipe

2. Shred the onion

Lamb Tripe recipe

3. Shred green onions

Lamb Tripe recipe

4. Adjust the sauce

Lamb Tripe recipe

5. Mix well,

Lamb Tripe recipe

6. Drizzle a little linseed oil at the end. \nFlax Commune, authentic linseed oil, a safe oil to care for the health of your family.

Lamb Tripe recipe


1. The lamb's tripe shreds should not be too thick. First, it is not tasty, and secondly, it is not beautiful. \n\n2. Onions and lamb tripe are fresh and greasy. Of course, you can use shredded pepper instead, but onions will be better for nutrition.


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