Lamb Tripe

Lamb Tripe

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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How to make lamb tripe? One is stir-fry and the other is mixed. Of course, there are also soups. This time I made cold salad. The seasonings needed are also very simple, but with it, it makes the way of eating more healthy. It is an onion. Onion can remove trash from the blood vessels. When paired with lamb tripe, it is both greasy and appetizing. I am not afraid of three highs. Is it better than chili? Come try it out. "


Lamb Tripe

1. The lamb tripe is cooked, so just cut it directly into shreds. Don't be too thick or not too thick.

Lamb Tripe recipe

2. Wash the onion, use half and cut into silk.

Lamb Tripe recipe

3. The green onions are shredded with an oblique knife on the white part of the green onions, preferably fresh green onions, which will have a crisp texture.

Lamb Tripe recipe

4. Put the main ingredients together, and then adjust the sauce.

Lamb Tripe recipe

5. Prepare a bowl, add rice vinegar (personally feel that rice vinegar tastes better), salt, sugar and chili oil and mix well.

Lamb Tripe recipe

6. Pour the prepared sauce on the lamb belly and mix it evenly with chopsticks.

Lamb Tripe recipe

7. Finally, add a little flaxseed oil to enhance the flavor, and you can serve it on a plate.

Lamb Tripe recipe


1. The lamb's tripe shreds should not be too thick. First, it is not tasty, and secondly, it is not beautiful.
2. Onions and lamb tripe are fresh and greasy. Of course, you can also use shredded peppers instead, but onions will be more nutritious.


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