Longan (dried) recipes

Red Dates, Longan and Wolfberry Soup

Red Dates, Wolfberry, Longan (dried)

Healthy Chicken Soup

Native Chicken, Walnut, Lily

Soup Bao Nourishing Hot Pot

Thick Soup Treasure, Longan (dried), Red Dates

Lao Duck Soup

Old Duck, Red Dates, Wolfberry

Sea Cucumber Soup

Sea Cucumber, Pork (lean), Longan (dried)

Pineapple Eight Treasure Rice

Pineapple, Glutinous Rice, Millet

Stewed Pigeon Soup

Pigeon, Ginger, Red Dates

Sihong Decoction

Red Beans, Red Dates, Longan (dried)

Stewed Chicken Soup

Chicken, Polygonum Multiflorum, Red Dates

Stewed Chicken Soup

Chicken, Red Dates, Wolfberry

Supor Lily and Blood Sweet Soup

Lily, Red Dates, Longan (dried)

Black-bone Chicken Nourishing Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Red Dates, Longan (dried)

Longan, Wolfberry and Ginger Soup (simple Version)

Longan (dried), Sweet Garden Ginger Soup, Wolfberry

Coconut Black Chicken Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Coconut, Longan (dried)

Nourishing Blood and Body Health Soup

Red Dates, Longan (dried), Mulberry (dried)

Cordyceps Flower Black Chicken Soup

Black-bone Chicken, Cordyceps Flower, Longan (dried)