Laoganma Fried Rice

Laoganma Fried Rice

by Lime Reviews

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You can make fried rice if you can't finish the rice. Since you can make your own sauce, you can buy less at the supermarket.
I was busy recently and didn't have time to do it, so I bought a bottle of Lao Gan Ma. Then make an old godmother fried rice.


Laoganma Fried Rice

1. Soak the fungus in advance and chop.
Chop carrots and garlic sprouts.

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

2. 1 bowl of leftover rice

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

3. Put the oil in the pan, heat the oil and beat into the egg liquid

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

4. After the eggs are scrambled, add carrots, fungus and garlic sprouts

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

5. After the vegetables are cooked until 8 layers are cooked, add the rice

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

6. After dispersing with a spatula, season with salt, pepper and Laoganma.

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

7. After stir-frying for a while, let the spices in, then turn off the heat and get out of the pot.

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe

8. Laoganma fried rice is ready. It is not spicy and tastes just right.

Laoganma Fried Rice recipe


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