Lazy Braised Rice

Lazy Braised Rice

by Centipede with shoes

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This braised rice was mentioned in a chat among colleagues, so I went home and tried it right away. It was really fragrant. No matter how delicious the food I cooked with my heart, it was delicious!


Lazy Braised Rice

1. Peel and dice carrots and potatoes, wash corn sweet beans

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

2. Diced meat

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

3. Cut the chili into sections. If there is no garlic in the house, there will be no more!

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

4. Add one third of the glutinous rice to the rice, so that the rice will be very fragrant when cooked. Soak it in water first!

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

5. Fry until golden and oily

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

6. Fried till golden

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

7. Add ingredients and stir fragrant

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

8. Put all the washed and clean dishes into the pot and stir fry, and fry for about a minute with salt

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

9. This hot sauce is a bit spicy

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

10. Add water and cook for three minutes

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

11. After collecting the juice, add some soy sauce and continue to stir fry

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

12. Continue to stir fry

Lazy Braised Rice recipe

13. Put the vegetables on the washed rice, cover it, and then the rice cooker has the function of claypot rice, press the function of claypot rice!

Lazy Braised Rice recipe


There are no dried shiitake mushrooms at home, otherwise it will be more fragrant! The stewed food I made is already cooked, with the smell of lard! good smell! Chili is according to personal taste, and friends who can’t eat spicy food can leave it alone.


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