Lazy Chicken Soup

Lazy Chicken Soup

by Xueyue

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I bought a chicken, thinking about how to realize its maximum value, and suddenly thought of astragalus, so I went to the drugstore to buy some, came back with the newly bought enoki mushrooms, and threw all the ingredients you want into the electric pressure cooker. Any lazy person can simmer the delicious chicken soup that will surprise the family, wow ha ha ha ha.


Lazy Chicken Soup

1. Lay the bottom with enoki mushrooms and cut the chicken into pieces on top.

Lazy Chicken Soup recipe

2. Put red dates, medlar, astragalus, Chinese pepper, aniseed, star anise, cinnamon, salt, then add water to the submerged ingredients, discharge into the pressure cooker, select the stewed chicken stall, ok.

Lazy Chicken Soup recipe


The stewed chicken broth is super delicious, and it's so delicious. If you don't know the amount of salt, you can put less salt first and add it when you drink it.
The step diagram was originally one step, but the system insisted that I was short of steps, so I had to divide one step into 2 steps and write it. The picture is the same.


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