Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken!

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken!

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#罐头小厨#Lazy spicy saliva chicken! The spit chicken in Sichuan cuisine can actually be done in three easy steps. Get the meat you want to control as soon as possible!

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken!

1. Whole chicken leg in a pot under cold water, add green onion knot, 3 slices of ginger, 30ml of cooking wine, cover, cook for about 10 minutes on high heat, turn off the heat and continue to simmer for about 8 minutes

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken! recipe

2. Remove the chicken legs and soak in ice water to cool, remove and drain

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken! recipe

3. Cut the chicken legs into pieces and put them on the plate

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken! recipe

4. Put 30g Laoganma spicy three diced, sesame oil 5g, light soy sauce 30ml, cooking wine 15ml, balsamic vinegar 15ml, white sugar 10g, garlic 3g, millet pepper 5g, cooked peanut 15g, cooked white sesame 10g, mix well Tune into sauce

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken! recipe

5. Pour the right amount of sauce on the chicken

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken! recipe

6. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and enjoy

Lazy Spicy Saliva Chicken! recipe


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