Leek and Beef Offal

Leek and Beef Offal

by Jackey cat

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Leek in spring is when it is fresh and delicious, and it is also a good ingredient for liver protection in spring. Southern Qi Zhou Yong has a famous saying: "Early leek in early spring, and late fall in late autumn". This "leek" is naturally leek. The quality of leeks in early spring is the best, followed by late autumn, and the worst in summer. There is a saying that "spring food is fragrant, summer food is smelly". Because it contains special ingredients such as volatile essential oils and sulfides, it emits a unique spicy odor, which helps to regulate liver qi, increase appetite, and enhance digestion; and it contains more fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Keeping the stool unobstructed can eliminate the excessive ingredients in the intestines, which can play a role in weight loss. It is a popular food that is very close to the people.


Leek and Beef Offal

1. Braised beef mixed with knife, leek, red pepper cut into sections, ginger garlic cut into cubes

Leek and Beef Offal recipe

2. Because it is a quick stir fry, prepare a sauce (water, salt, sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, corn starch, cooking oil) in advance

Leek and Beef Offal recipe

3. Heat the pot, add oil, saute ginger and garlic

Leek and Beef Offal recipe

4. Stir fried beef offal

Leek and Beef Offal recipe

5. Leek, red pepper, stir fry until broken

Leek and Beef Offal recipe

6. Pour the sauce

Leek and Beef Offal recipe

7. Stir-fry over high heat, ready to serve

Leek and Beef Offal recipe


1. There is a lot of silt at the cutting part of the leek root, which is the most difficult to wash. It is advisable to cut off a section of roots and soak in salt water for a while before washing;
2. Leek has broad leaves and thin leaves. Broad-leaf leeks have light green leaves and less fiber; thin-leaf leeks have slender leaves, dark green leaves, more fiber, and strong fragrance. Leek is cultivated in a greenhouse, the leaves are light yellow, soft but not as fragrant as leeks;
3. People with constipation are recommended to eat more, because leeks contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can improve the intestinal tract and moisten the bowel.


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