Leek Egg Pancake

Leek Egg Pancake

by Gluttonous

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The combination of chives and eggs is one of the first choices. Both can be fried, fried, baked, etc. Today I will fry a simple quick dish "Chive Egg Pancake" that is suitable for all ages.


Leek Egg Pancake

1. Main and auxiliary materials: leeks, eggs

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

2. Pick the leeks, wash and chop

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

3. Beat in the eggs

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

4. Add the right amount of dried shrimp

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

5. Add a little salt and stir well

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

6. Heat up a frying pan, put an appropriate amount of oil, and pour in the leek egg mixture

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

7. Fry it to solidify, turn it over and fry again, and fry it thoroughly in the same way

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

8. Put it out of the pot and serve on the table

Leek Egg Pancake recipe


1. You can also change the knife to cut into pieces and then load the plate.
2. Shrimp skin oil should be less salty.


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