Lemon Biscuits

Lemon Biscuits

by Ma Lin

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I have always felt that lemon is too sour, just put it in the refrigerator to smell its good smell, because every time you use fresh lemon to soak in water, it is a sour spirit, but the vitamin C content of lemon is very high, and its juice contains citrin. Tannin and vitamin ABC, etc.; peel contains volatile oil, tannin, oxalic acid, calcium, pectin, etc. Proper consumption is very beneficial. So, I bought two big lemons, tusk, it's so delicious. 9 hair 9 a lemon, lemon fruit is one of the few fruits that are priced on a per-unit basis. Another thing is that I don’t like to eat eggs very much. This lemon biscuit does not contain eggs. It is also crispy and delicious. More importantly, it is very sweet and sour and refreshing, and it is not too sour. Moderate taste, might as well give it a try.


Lemon Biscuits

1. After the butter is softened, add powdered sugar and salt and stir evenly, no need to beat

Lemon Biscuits recipe

2. Add lemon juice and stir well

Lemon Biscuits recipe

3. Sift in low powder and lemon zest

Lemon Biscuits recipe

4. Stir it with a spatula into a uniform dough

Lemon Biscuits recipe

5. Put it in plastic wrap and roll it into 0.5 cm slices, put it in the refrigerator for more than half an hour (or knead the dough into a cylinder, put it in the refrigerator and freeze for 1 hour, take out and cut into 0.5 cm round slices)

Lemon Biscuits recipe

6. After taking it out, use various biscuit molds to shape

Lemon Biscuits recipe

7. Arrange into the baking tray, leaving a certain distance between them, the upper and lower fire middle layer, 175 degrees, about 10 minutes

Lemon Biscuits recipe


1. The difference between frozen and non-frozen: frozen dough will swell less when baked, and the dough will swell more if it is not frozen or the refrigeration time is short, and there is basically no big difference in taste;
2. For lemon zest, I used 2/3 lemons. Adding more can add flavor and will not make the biscuits too sour;
3. Frozen dough is easy to break when cut, you can cut it after heating the knife;
4. After cooling, it is sealed and stored. Put a few pieces of coffee-like sugar in the airtight jar, which can absorb moisture, and the crispness of the biscuits will last longer;
5. Lemon peel has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and appetite-enhancing effects. But if stomach acid is frequent, eat less.


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