Lentil Braised Noodles

Lentil Braised Noodles

by Mona is not surnamed Lisa

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Authentic braised lentil noodles ~ simple and easy to operate


Lentil Braised Noodles

1. Peel the pork belly, slice it, wash the lentils and break into pieces

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

2. Heat the pan with cold oil, put the meat slices in the pan, put garlic

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

3. The meat is white, put the lentils and continue to fry

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

4. Add soy sauce, light soy sauce + dark soy sauce, add water, cover and slurp

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

5. Bring the steamer to a boil, put the noodles on the bamboo basket and steam. This is the secret of slimness and strength. Buy thin noodles...the thinnest amount is not enough today. Some thicker ones are added. Steam them with a lid for five minutes.

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

6. Keep the fire on the lentils. When the lentils are cooked, prepare to put the noodles. First, scoop out a small bowl of soup, and then take the noodles out of the steamer and spread them on the lentils.

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

7. Simmer for a minute, pour the soup that was just scooped on the noodles, and then cover the lid to continue simmering

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

8. After simmering for three minutes, stir with chopsticks to fill the noodles with the soup, simmer for another minute, turn off the heat and finish!

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe


Lentils are poisonous when eaten raw! Must be simmered well


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