Liangpi New Eat

Liangpi New Eat

by Mom Nini

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It’s too hot, so I eat cold noodles with cold noodles, which is very delicious.


Liangpi New Eat

1. Cook beef soup with balsamic vinegar, stir well and cool (if not, you can add chicken powder or beef powder to taste)

Liangpi New Eat recipe

2. Sliced cold skin

Liangpi New Eat recipe

3. Beef slices with sauce

Liangpi New Eat recipe

4. Cucumber slices

Liangpi New Eat recipe

5. Tomato slices

Liangpi New Eat recipe

6. Coriander cut into sections

Liangpi New Eat recipe

7. Put cold skin on the bottom of the bowl, top with cucumber, beef, tomato and half a hard-boiled egg

Liangpi New Eat recipe

8. Pour in the right amount of beef broth, sprinkle a little sesame seeds and serve

Liangpi New Eat recipe


If there is no beef broth, you can add chicken powder or beef powder to taste


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