Loach Tofu Soup

Loach Tofu Soup

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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Loach contains low fat content, less cholesterol, high protein and low fat food, and contains an unsaturated fatty acid similar to eicosapentenoic acid, which is beneficial to the human body to resist vascular aging, and is beneficial to the elderly and cardiovascular patients. Loach and tofu are cooked at the same time, which has a good tonic and therapeutic function. Let’s make a loach tofu soup with me today.


Loach Tofu Soup

1. Prepare all the ingredients, add oil to the pot and sauté the ginger until fragrant, fry the loach in the pot until it tastes out, then add half a bowl of water.

Loach Tofu Soup recipe

2. Stew until the loach tastes out, then transfer to the electric stew pot, add tofu and water in the electric stew pot, and simmer for about 45 minutes. After the stew, add fine salt to taste.

Loach Tofu Soup recipe


After the loach is fried, it is used in the soup, so that the soup base is very delicious.


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