Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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In winter, my family’s breakfast uses various soups instead of soy milk and milk. This lotus seed and mung bean soup is basically eaten every day. Lotus seeds and mung beans are one of the best ingredients for autumn tonic. Lotus seed clears the fire, mung bean clears heat and toxins, and relieves thirst. The two have a good effect of clearing fire and dryness. It is suitable for people who get angry in summer, have sores on the tongue, dry skin in autumn and are easy to be thirsty. Lotus seeds are rich in plant protein, and mung beans and lotus seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. Cooking mung beans and lotus seeds together can absorb the nutrients more quickly, effectively promote the body's metabolism, and supplement the body with nutrients. Mung beans are cold in nature and can help eliminate heat toxins accumulated in the body. The lotus seeds of lotus seeds contain liensinine and isoliensinine and other substances, which have excellent heat-clearing and fire-clearing powers. The two can be eaten together to better clear heat and moisturize dryness. Help prevent the occurrence of dryness.

Mung soy milk with lotus seeds is sweet and smooth, not inferior to traditional soy milk. The thick lotus seed fragrance spreads throughout the taste buds. How can you miss a bowl of lotus seed and mung bean milk that is both nutritious and refreshing.


Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup

1. The ingredients are ready.

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup recipe

2. Wash the mung beans and lotus seeds, put them in a bowl, add enough water to soak (soak for 5 or 6 hours in spring and summer, and soak for 8 or 9 hours in autumn and winter)

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup recipe

3. After soaking, rinse with clean water again.

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup recipe

4. Put the soaked mung beans, lotus seeds and rock sugar into the soymilk machine.

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup recipe

5. Add clean water to the corresponding water level of the soymilk machine, close the lid, and select the five-grain soymilk function.

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup recipe

6. After the soymilk machine program is completed, filter the beaten soymilk to remove the bean dregs and pour it out for consumption.

Lotus Seed Mung Bean Soup recipe


The high-quality lotus seeds have uniform particle size, light yellow color, and no impurities on the surface.
If you like the taste of mung bean paste, you can keep the bean dregs after making the soy milk.


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