Mango milkshake

Mango milkshake

I'm losing weight recently, okay, I've been losing weight...

I always feel that there is no taste in my mouth, so I fell in love with the milkshake. Today I made a mango milkshake. It is definitely 1+1=10! ~! ~

Very fresh feeling







by Mua is as light as a chrysanthemum

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How to make it (Mango milkshake)

1. Prepare the ingredients
Mango milkshake recipe
2. The mango is cut from the middle, and then crossed with a knife
Mango milkshake recipe
3. Peel the pulp
Mango milkshake recipe
4. Pour milk into the food processor
Mango milkshake recipe
5. Leave a few pieces of mango, and pour the rest into the feeder
Mango milkshake recipe
6. Put a little sugar to taste
Mango milkshake recipe
7. Mix with a food processor for 1 minute
Mango milkshake recipe
8. Pour into the cup and sprinkle with mango cubes
Mango milkshake recipe

You can also put honey


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