Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu

by Xiaozhi

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In the early years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, at the head of Wanfu Bridge on the moat in the northern suburbs of Chengdu, there was an unnamed small shop selling snacks. It attracted many customers because of the hot dishes and the economical benefits. The owner of the shop, Chen, is known as Sister Chen, and because she has a few pockmarks on her face, she was given the nickname Chen Mapo. The tofu she cooks is hemp, spicy, fragrant, and fragrant, and has a unique flavor. The business is booming and famous. In order to distinguish it from other roasted tofu, customers call it "Mapo Tofu". Later, in order to attract more customers, the shop simply changed its name to "Chen Mapo Tofu Shop."


Mapo Tofu

1. Put the sesame peppers in a non-stick pan over a medium-low heat to create a fragrance, then pour them on the shore and use a rolling pin to roll them into pieces

Mapo Tofu recipe

2. Cut the tofu into small pieces, chop the green garlic, and boil water in a pot

Mapo Tofu recipe

3. Blanch the tofu in water, remove it, raise the pot, pour the cooking oil into the cooking oil and heat it up, stir-fry the meat in the pot until the color changes, pour in the Pixian bean paste and chili powder, and stir-fry a little chili oil to make the red oil.

Mapo Tofu recipe

4. Pour in the tofu cubes and then pour in water. Because the tofu will be boiled for a while, the amount of water is level with the tofu. When the tofu is cooked, when there is a small amount of soup in the pot, pour in the water starch to collect the soup, and sprinkle the rolled sesame before it is out of the pot. Minced pepper and green garlic

Mapo Tofu recipe


1. Because the bean paste itself is very salty, you don't need to add salt or add less salt according to your taste
2. Many recipes use minced beef, and the minced pork that I use is equally delicious
3. To achieve the effect of ruddy color, don't put soy sauce
4. If you don't want to eat too numb, use pepper instead of sesame pepper


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