Matcha Sandwich Cookies

Matcha Sandwich Cookies

by Mu Kejia

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[Works of Bai Cui's Fifth Food Contest] In fact, this biscuit is a very ordinary butter biscuit, but after adding the filling, the taste will be different immediately. The filling is a perfect method, and the cherry blossom shape is specially selected, the finished product Isn't it beautiful?


Matcha Sandwich Cookies

1. Cut butter into small pieces, soften at room temperature, add powdered sugar and beat into fluffy feathers

Matcha Sandwich Cookies recipe

2. Add egg liquid three times and continue beating until feathery. Sift in low flour and knead into a dough. Roll out into a evenly thick pie crust, use a biscuit mold to carve out the shape

Matcha Sandwich Cookies recipe

3. Put it into the preheated oven and bake at 160°C for about 7 minutes. Heat the whipped cream and matcha powder over water and mix until there are no particles. Continue to add Bai Qiao and butter, stir until melted

Matcha Sandwich Cookies recipe

4. After the filling is ready, put it in a piping bag. Squeeze it on the reverse side of the biscuit, and then cover with another biscuit, put the biscuit in the refrigerator and refrigerate for a while to let the filling solidify

Matcha Sandwich Cookies recipe


1. When adding egg liquid, wait until the egg liquid is completely fused each time before adding the next time.
2. Do not knead too much when sifting in the low-powder and knead it into a dough, as long as it is smooth without particles.
3. The color of the biscuits baked at this temperature and time is very light. If you want a darker color, you can adjust the temperature and time appropriately. You can simmer for a few minutes before baking.
4. When whipping the whipped cream and matcha powder, you can use an electric whisk to beat it, so that it is not easy to get particles.
5. When squeezing the filling, do not squeeze it completely to the edge of the biscuit to prevent overflow.


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