Matcha Shortbread

Matcha Shortbread

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Matcha Shortbread

1. Add oil and sugar and mix well.

Matcha Shortbread recipe

2. Add eggs and mix well.

Matcha Shortbread recipe

3. Add matcha powder and stir.

Matcha Shortbread recipe

4. Add low-gluten flour and mix well.

Matcha Shortbread recipe

5. Divide 15 grams of small doses into rounds and press them slightly with both palms. Put it in a baking dish lined with greased paper. The biscuits will be a little wrinkled, making the finished product more lovely.

Matcha Shortbread recipe

6. Middle level, 170 degrees for 20 minutes.

Matcha Shortbread recipe

7. Finished picture.

Matcha Shortbread recipe


The temperature is set according to the temperament of the oven at home, pay attention to observe that it is not baked.


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