Microwave Steamed Egg

Microwave Steamed Egg

by Soft blue crystal

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In addition to frying, the most in my family is steamed egg custard, and some shrimps are added to the custard, the taste will be better and the nutrition will be higher. But sometimes steaming is a waste of time. Even if it is an egg, it takes at least ten minutes to steam. It feels like this can be steamed.
In fact, if you want to save time, you can cook in a microwave oven. The microwave oven can actually cook a lot of food, and it is also a very convenient small appliance. Steaming eggs in a microwave oven has a strong firepower, so the surface of the steamed custard is not smooth, but it tastes the same and saves time.


Microwave Steamed Egg

1. Peel off the shell of the shrimp, remove the gut, cut into small pieces, and marinate for a while with a little cooking wine.

Microwave Steamed Egg recipe

2. Stir the eggs.

Microwave Steamed Egg recipe

3. Add half an eggshell of warm water, Stir again.

Microwave Steamed Egg recipe

4. After mixing well, sieve once.

Microwave Steamed Egg recipe

5. Pour the shrimps.

Microwave Steamed Egg recipe

6. Take a larger bowl, pour boiling water, put the steamed egg bowl into the microwave oven on high heat for 5 minutes. The surface can be topped with light soy sauce.

Microwave Steamed Egg recipe


When steaming, the surface of the custard container can be covered with a layer of plastic wrap.


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