Milk Eight Treasure Rice

Milk Eight Treasure Rice

by Happy life 12

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Joyoung products are very popular in my home, and it is precisely because of its high quality and ease of use. This time I was fortunate to receive the trial of Joyoung Iron Kettle 3, and I can feel and enjoy the happy life it brings again. Eight-treasure rice has always been my favorite dessert. This time, the rice made with Jiuyang iron kettle is full of strength and fits my taste very well, so let’s share it now.


Milk Eight Treasure Rice

1. Wash the glutinous rice and add half of the water that is used for cooking rice (in order not to have a soft texture).

Milk Eight Treasure Rice recipe

2. Next, prepare the other materials, you can scald them with boiling water for later use

Milk Eight Treasure Rice recipe

3. Seeing that the cooked rice is full but not cracked, it is very strong

Milk Eight Treasure Rice recipe

4. Put a small bowl with plastic wrap, put the glutinous rice into it and flatten it slightly

Milk Eight Treasure Rice recipe

5. Place these 7 kinds of dried fruits on the inverted plate

Milk Eight Treasure Rice recipe

6. Add milk and appropriate amount of sugar to enjoy summer desserts without open fire. If it is eaten in winter, you can use warm milk.

Milk Eight Treasure Rice recipe


Summer milk tastes better after being refrigerated.


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