Milk Flower Bread

Milk Flower Bread

by tina Qingtan Liying

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[Works of Bai Cui's Fifth Food Contest] Bread has become a snack for breakfast at home. My daughter likes to eat the bread I made, but the bread made by myself is safer and healthier than the ones bought outside, so I often make various kinds of things. Breads of different flavors and shapes attracted her attention~


Milk Flower Bread

1. Except butter, all ingredients are put into the bucket of the bread machine: milk, egg liquid, salt, sugar, high powder, yeast

Milk Flower Bread recipe

2. Select the kneading function key for 20 minutes

Milk Flower Bread recipe

3. After finishing, add softened butter and continue mixing for 15 minutes

Milk Flower Bread recipe

4. After kneading the dough, start the fermentation function, 50 minutes

Milk Flower Bread recipe

5. Take out the dough after fermentation, and divide it into 8 equal parts after exhausting

Milk Flower Bread recipe

6. After rounding, put it in an 8-inch pizza pan

Milk Flower Bread recipe

7. Put it in the oven and carry out secondary fermentation at 35°C for 50 minutes

Milk Flower Bread recipe

8. After the fermentation is complete, take it out and preheat the oven at 185 degrees

Milk Flower Bread recipe

9. Put the pizza pan in the preheated oven, middle and lower, 185 degrees, upper and lower tubes, 25 minutes

Milk Flower Bread recipe

10. After baking, take it out and brush the surface with a layer of honey water.

Milk Flower Bread recipe


Pay attention to the coloring in the later stage.


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