Milky Multi-flavored Bread

Milky Multi-flavored Bread

by Blue rain and sunshine 780913

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I used the holidays to practice making bread repeatedly, and the technique got better and better. This time I made everything with black sesame filling, red bean filling, brown sugar filling, and creamy custard filling. I also made ham sausage bread! Made with a rice cooker, the bottom of the bread is particularly crispy and the other parts are fluffy. It is a good companion for breakfast and dinner. "


Milky Multi-flavored Bread

1. Proof the dough with warm milk, add white sugar and mix well, then add salt, knead into a dough, let it stand for 3 hours to make the dough.

Milky Multi-flavored Bread recipe

2. The face is ready.

Milky Multi-flavored Bread recipe

3. Sprinkle dry powder on the table top, knead the dough with your hands and let it out, then cut it into small balls.

Milky Multi-flavored Bread recipe

4. Roll the small agent into a strip, spread various fillings, and then roll it into a long roll. I won't post pictures one by one. After the roll is finished, cut into two pieces.

Milky Multi-flavored Bread recipe

5. After the rice cooker uses the heat preservation button to melt 10 grams of butter, put these small fillings with some butter into the pot one by one, let it rise for another 10 minutes, sprinkle with black sesame seeds, and use the cooking button to make bread .

Milky Multi-flavored Bread recipe

6. Turn out the pot and serve. You can toss whatever taste you want. The long strips are ham sausages!

Milky Multi-flavored Bread recipe


1. Milk must be warm in order to make good noodles.
2. There must be enough time to send the noodles. If you feel that you have not sent enough, you can extend the time.


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