Milky White Crucian Fish Soup

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup

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Crucian carp contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can strengthen the elastic fiber composition of the skin. The weather is slowly getting colder. Make a heart-warming and stomach-warming crucian carp soup for your family to enjoy.


Milky White Crucian Fish Soup

1. When buying crucian carp, you can ask the boss to help kill it, remove the scales, remove the gills, and clean the internal organs. Put a few slices of ginger on the back of the fish.

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe

2. Wipe off the water on the fish and pour more oil into the pan. Put the crucian carp in the oil pan and fry the fish without moving it. Let the fish fry for a while, and then turn over and fry the other side, otherwise the skin will fall off. Affects appearance and taste

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe

3. After the fish is fried, put it on the plate for later

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe

4. Wash the pot again, heat it up and add a little oil to sauté the scallion white and ginger, then add a proper amount of water (according to the size of the fish)

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe

5. Add the fried fish after the water is boiled

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe

6. After the high fire is boiled, simmer on low heat for 40 minutes. The soup has turned milky white. The fish body is still intact. Put in a suitable amount of salt and taste the saltiness. You can start the pot.

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe

7. It tastes great with a few green onions, the fish is also very fresh and quite unexpected

Milky White Crucian Fish Soup recipe


The black skin in the belly of the crucian carp should be washed clean and the water should be added at one time during the cooking process. If water is added in the middle, it will dilute the umami taste

If you want the soup to look milky and milky, it’s best to fry the crucian

Before frying the fish, dry the water on the fish. First, heat the pan and then pour the oil. The oil should be put in a little more than normal cooking. Pour it into the pan. Pick up the pan and turn it around so that the oil is evenly distributed. On the pot

After the soup is ready, it’s best to drink it while it’s hot so that the soup is delicious and won’t feel fishy


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